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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ubuntu / Kubuntu 10.04 (LTS ) Arrived in the Mail...snail mail that is!

Yeehaa I Got Mail...Its Not Spam....its....its...real...woooo...SNAIL MAIL!

Walked out to the letter box on the way to catching the bus to work this morning and found a padded envelope inside. My heart skipped a beat and surged with excitement..... Whatever could this be....had to be some cool free stuff...either more free cat food for my new kitten (I dont have a new kitten but taking advantage of the cat food tho for Bullets my 4 year old kitty) or perhaps another tube of free toothpaste ( does actually pull through and provide some actual 'free' things as their name suggests they should do...even tho 3/4 of their offers are actually competitions, surveys or other non-free stuff).

No....turns out this padded envelope from the mysterious corners of the world (I forget right now where it was from but it was far ....other hemisphere far even....) was actually my long awaited version of 3 DVD's with Lucid Lynx, 10.04 (LTS) Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Ubuntu - server/64bit - version. Its finally arrived!!! W00t!!!

Just in time for me to go to the Ubuntu website and read all about the 10.10 beta release that's about to come out (or just has :-) ) . Well I suppose that's what I get for not just downloading it and wanting it snail mail delivered in today's times....but you gotta admit....there's something just so exciting at getting 'real' mail in a padded envelope no less. Whats you say....not excited you say....pah..."bah Humbug" I say to you!!!! I enjoyed it!!! So there!!!

Well now all I have to do is get around to actually installing it (or at the very least running of the CD/DVD and trying it out). Dual boot would be nice, VMWare images with each of Ubuntu 8.xx, 9.yy, 10.zz versions installed inside my Windows 7 would be great and vice-versa with Windows 7 installed inside a VMWare image in my dual boot setup of Ubuntu 10.04. (It is LTS - Long Term Support-ed after all ... that was sarcasm by the way ... hard to tell on these blog things :-) )

Links to Ubuntu Downloads/Releases/Feature Info/Reviews.

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