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Monday, June 1, 2015

Im Pissed Off and I Dont Even Like Soccer!!!

Considering that Im not a huge fan of Football or Soccer as we call it here in Australia Im suprised by how mad I feel by the last few days of the FIFA debacle. And a debacle is what it is. FIFA has become a world-wide joke. Whats more by continuing down this road of denial and business as usual they continue to make themselves look ridiculous in the eyes of the international community. FIFA is a business organisation after all and a large one at that, yet they are acting like little kids on the school ground. From Sepp Blatters 'dont blame me I cant keep an eye on everyone' and 'its not fair the criminals are covering up their crimes so how can i find them' comments, to the outright childish 'its just the big bully america picking on us cos we didnt give them the world cup' comments FIFA has become a sad, sad joke. FIFA, under Blatter is acting like a spoiled brat and the whole world can see it. If anything by siding with Blatter the countries who voted him in are probably the next that need to be examined for corruption and those who are guilty of corruption need to be punished while the rest should just be ashamed at voting this sad joke of a President back in.

One last comment showing what a joke this is .... Blatters first speech at the opening of the congress, which I watched looking for some sort of plan for the future. Even if Blatter was to stay I thought well at least Im sure he now has a plan for the future to root out this corruption from the organisation.  And what did he say....well besides complaining that he cant be held responsible to look for corruption himself (errr....if not the president than who ?? ) .... he said ...We need to go forward with me in the Presidents chair into the future which will be better. that it? Pick me and whatever your complaining about Ill fix? Is that all he has to say? No...Ill organise committes, root out corruption, reorganise the organisation top to bottom, bring in greater transaprency? No....All he had to say was pick me for another four years and things will be better. Promise. Really, is that all you have to say Sepp Blatter? The only way any one could vote for this man is because they need him at the top to help cover up and deflect away from their own scandals and wrong doings, because any normal, sane, rational person would not, after 17 years of corruption and no change, pick this man for another 4 more years on the basis of that 'piss-weak' speech he gave at the opening of the FIFA conference.

Shame on you Sepp Blatter, Shame on you FIFA, Shame on you the people who voted to put this ridiculous old clown back into power. Shame on all of us for not putting up a greater resistance to this old man and allowing him to continue on his merry, corrupt, influence peddling way. A sad day for soccer and this from someone who isnt even that much of a fan. Simply on the basis of whats right and how a normal organisation should act Im angry at what Ive seen. I can only begin to empathise with the true fans of the world game and how sad, ashamed and ridiculed they must be feeling today.

Come on FIFA. Do the right thing here. Say good bye to Blatter. Brinig in some one new and fresh, with minimal or no ties to FIFA as it currently stands and have them organise a top down complete overhaul of the processes and standards of the organisation. Set up some sort of internal committe responsible for investigating within the organisation (so that it doesnt take many years and the FBI or police from another country to finally force action) for corruption. Suspend all of those accused so far. Have this new internal commitee take seriously all of the whispers that have been circulating around FIFA for a decade or more now and have them investigate those and anything else they find. Make the organisations funds and funding much more transparent. We want to see where money comes in from and where it goes out to for the purposes of working out if conspiracy, bribery, influence-peddling or corruption are occuring any where.

This should be the absolute minimum. Im not a big business CEO, but bringing in somoe one who is would be a great start as big business already has these areas covered normally and such a CEO would be able to implement the required procedures and committees to keep FIFA honest and clean. If business can manage to do this then so can FIFA and despite Sepp Blatters complaints that (said in the whiny voice of a 5 year old....stamping his foot...its not FAIR!!!).....'but the criminals are hiding their crimes so I cant find them'....a massive difference could be made and with the correct leadership within a few years most corruption would be rooted out and FIFA turned around with a new reputation that doesnt include corruption ad crimes.

The sooner FIFA starts the quicker it can reach this end goal. The fans of the world game deserve better than this FIFA.


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